Exhibition stands

Thanks to many years of experience and extensive production capabilities, we can turn any surface into a creative promotional space. We offer standard stands built in the Octanorm modular system, but this is just a small portion of our capabilities.

We specialize in more advanced technologies, such as non-standard and mixed
arrangements. This means that the quality of materials is higher and each stand is unique. For each stand, we individually choose a set of construction and finishing materials, so that it is both effective and safe.

It is crucial to apply a comprehensive approach to stand construction. Our team of designers constantly consult the implementation possibilities of a given idea at the design stage with the production department and the assembly team.

Our design department prepares projects tailored to the needs of our clients. At this stage, we work with the client to analyze their needs and goals they want to achieve through participation in the fair.

Then we create a unique design reflecting the company’s nature, budget and various conditions affecting its implementation capabilities, such as a limited exhibition hall, venue, weather conditions, technical conditions or legal restrictions.

In the last 25 years, we have gained extensive knowledge, experience and ability to consciously choose proper materials and technologies to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards. Thanks to participating in worldwide events, we follow global trends and tendencies on the exhibition market. We feel comfortable in the area of innovative materials and solutions.

We have our own production halls and storage areas in which we independently create stand components, from construction to finishing elements.

We know that a stand is not only about a stable construction, but also proper graphical elements that further emphasize the promotional nature of our projects. This is why we prepare graphical elements on our own, from three-dimensional inscriptions to large-format advertisements. We apply a very high level of precision.

Keeping up with our clients and their needs for product promotion, we offer perfectly matched and innovative forms of display, from showcases and shop walls to completely non-standard platforms.

We have our own trucks, so we usually transport stand construction elements and equipment, both in the area of Poland and Europe.

In case of larger projects, we use external forwarding services, often sea freight and international land forwarding. We have experience in transporting structures and elements for our stands, for example to USA, China, South Africa or the farthest corners of Europe. We take into account all legal restrictions and customs regulations.

We employ qualified fitters who are able to work under time pressure and fulfill high expectations of our clients. We do our best to ensure that our stands meet the highest quality and safety standards. We are also distinguished by creativity and flexibility as the nature of fairs often requires finding and adequately responding to situations that are often unforeseen and surprising.